'iliki price 

Iliki price is a fashion stylist based in Las Vegas. In her nine years as a stylist, Iliki has worked with a diverse range of clients ranging from models, TV personalities, musicians, DJs, actors, and many others. Her portfolio spans print, runway, and personal styling and exemplifies her ability to create memorable and unique images.

Her keen ability to pair clothing and accessories give partner to her organization, multi-tasking and detail orientated attitude that she brings on every project thanks in part to her experience in luxury retail and her work as a performer.

Iliki also works with clients individually through personal shopping, image consultations, and closet styling. She has assisted such clients in putting their best shoe forward by exuding confidence and a new sense of poise.

Through her love of art and flair for fashion, Iliki always creates an innovative style story that conveys her skill, delight and love for style.